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Guardianship Alliance of the Concho Valley 12-23-2019

Organization: Guardianship Alliance of the Concho Valley

Board of Directors
Keepers of Hope
Re: Donations

Dear Mrs. Sonberg and Board:
We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the generous donation of Christmas wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, and ribbon given to us on December 13th.

Each individual we serve has survived extreme circumstances with past histories of outrageous neglect, abuse, exploitation and/or complicated mental and health comorbidities. All 32 clients qualify for indigent status. Each individual receives housing, adequate food, and medical care.

Yet, it is our clients who do not go home for the holidays with families or have visitors in their homes. They often feel alone, forgotten, abandoned. The relationships we have with them is most important for their quality of life.

Your donation allows us to provide the joy and anticipation to our clients, we all have when receiving a gift. Anyone can throw a present into a bag and add tissue paper, but the emotion of opening a wrapped present is far greater than pulling an item from a gift bag.

Thanks to your generosity, our clients have something to look forward to when Christmas comes around!

There are only 3 full-time employees. There is no way we could solicit the donations to purchase the wrapping supplies you gave.

Again, we thank you for all you have done.

Michelle Huckaby
Program Director