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Concho Valley Home for Girls – Children’s Emergency Shelter 2-20-2019

Organization: Concho Valley Home for Girls

Dear Keepers of Hope,
My name is Brittney Jones and I am the Shelter Manager at the Children’s Emergency Shelter through the Concho Valley Home for Girls. Recently your organization provided us with a DVD player for our kids to watch Netflix on. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to provide the children in our care a more home-like experience.

Most of our kids have been removed from their homes by DFPS, so it is our goal while they are staying with us to provide these children with a feeling of safety while also giving them normalcy in their daily lives. Part of giving them that normalcy is having scheduled TV time and movie days. We utilize Netflix for our TV and movie watching and unfortunately the device we were streaming on for our younger children stopped streaming Netflix. Since our younger children and our teenagers have separate TV rooms, not having the device in the younger children’s TV room meant that they were feeling left out while the teenagers were able to watch TV.

Thanks to the new DVD player, all of our children are able to enjoy watching their favorite movies and TV shows. Providing our children access to Netflix may seem like a small thing, but it really does help our kids better adjust to our facility and providing them with a chance to do something they would be able to do at home also helps us form trusting bonds with our children while they are here. Due to your generosity, you have helped us reform that bond with our children and have helped us give them normalcy, and a little bit of home.

Thank you,
Brittney Jones