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Recent Donations - 2 Car Searts

Recent Donations for February 2019

Recent Donations for February 2019

1. Popcorn
What do you do with a donation of 35lbs of unpopped popcorn? You drop it off at ADACCV! Keep touching lives, for you are making a Difference! Thank you Concho Pearl Lions Club for the donation of popcorn.

Recent Donations - 35 Pounds of Popcorn

2. Little Girls Pants
Donation dropped off at the Pregnancy Help Center. I was told a mother had asked about this exact size the day before. So loving how things are matching up.

Recent Donations - Little Girls Pants

3. DVD Player
HOPE REQUEST: DVD player with Netflix option for the Emergency Children Shelter.FILLED: When I got this request, I called a couple of people to start looking. Before I could even get home to Post this request, I got a call back from a Keeper that she had one for me.Dropped off this new DVD player to the Emergency Children’s Shelter this morning! What a wonderful way to start the day!

Recent Donations - DVD Player

4. 2 Car Seats
Two donated car seats are in the hands of Early Head Start. Touching Lives!

Recent Donations - 2 Car Searts